Welcome to Bendigo Little Athletics Centre

Presentation Night

Friday 20th March 7pm - 9pm

James King Hall Bendigo Senior Secondary College


Athletes and their families are invited to attend the end of season trophy presentation night this Friday night at the James King Hall, Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Entry to the Hall is easiest via Rosiland Park.

Presentations will be made to all age groups from under 6 through to under 15 and will include trophies for Attendance, Personal Bests and Five Star Awards, presentation of banners to Under 15s. 

All athletes are invited to attend.

IMPORTANT: Break Up and Fun Day is the next day SATURDAY 21st. This will bring our season to a close.

Perfomance Certificates

Certificates listing personal best performances for the season are available on-line this year. The performances are obtained from scanned results and data recorded by age group managers. Ocasionally, early in the season there can be the ocasional glitch in recording. If you have any queries regarding performances email bendigo@lavic.com.au.


Age Group Managers


This coming season If you have been an age group manager this season, we would appreciate your assistance at the start of the new season helping with additional or new age group managers.  This is a very important job - recording information, overseeing events, sometims assisting with technique and generally managing the running of events. 


Registering for the new season


The new season will get underway at the end of September. The start date is yet to be confirmed and is dependent upon the Little Athletics Victoria calendar of events. Little Athletics Victoria preference is that all athletes register on-line. This facility will become available from the end of August onwards. 


Early Bird Discount


Discount for early payment of registration will only be valid upon payment prior to the advertised date. You may be able to register on-line and NOT pay, however the discount will only be relevant with payment. i.e. you may register in September but if payment is not received until after the start of the season, the discount does not apply. We offer the discount as an encouragement to assist us with getting all our athletes on our system and up and running on time for the first event on the first day.


Feedback and Queries

Thank you to all parents who assisted during the year and provided support, assitance during competition and feedback to the committee. The 2014-2015 season is now finished, however preparation is already underway for the upcoming season and we appreciate any feedback you may have from this season and any suggestions for the future. We have several vacancies on our committee with our AGM coming up shortly.

Our committee is also looking for assistance with data entry, registrations, hand-book editing and policy renewal prior to September. 

If you have any questions regarding the current season or suggestion to make for the coming season, you are invited to put them forward to the committee either personally by attending our monthly meetings or via email or post. Please date any correspondence and include your name. Any correspondence will be tabled and attended to at the next meeting.


Bendigo Little Athletics Committee









Please click here for family duty roster for your assigned duty for the the upcoming State Track & Field Championships. 


If you are unable to do a rostered duty – please organize your own swap and then let the team manager know of the change.  


Remember it is the duty of the team managers to look after the athletes not organise rostered duties.  This is important as we do not want our parent helpers stranded at their duty.  


Please turn up to your duty on time, otherwise the event will be unable to commence and will hold up the program.  


We thank you for your cooperation on this matter. Failure to complete your rostered duty may result in your child being withdrawn from any future events.  


Please collect your duty badge from the team manager 10 minutes before the scheduled start of your duty and return them at the conclusion of the event.  Only officials wearing a duty badge will be permitted onto the arena.  We will have to pay for replacements of duty badges. 


Please Note


  • Athletes will not be permitted to compete if they are late to marshalling.

  • Report to the team manager immediately upon your arrival at the venue

  • Inform the team manager of any event clashes or potential event clashes so they can be ready to act if the need arises.

  • We expect all Bendigo athletes to sit together.  This is for ease of management as only team managers are permitted into marshalling/ able to complete event clash forms and question any disputes.  

  • Please check the Little Athletics Victoria Wesite  http://www.lavic.com.au/  for further progressions. 


We hope that everyone has an enjoyable and successful weekend.        


Bendigo Little Athletics Competition Co-ordinator