Welcome to Bendigo Little Athletics Centre

Bendigo Little Athletics will have a short break over the festive season. We hope you enjoy your break and look forward to seeing you on our next day of competition

Saturday 07/02/2015 for Day 1 of Competition starting at 8:30am.


 For a full list of event dates for the 2014/2015 season please visit our calender.


Rostered on for Set up/Timing/Marshalling - report to start/finish line from 8am.

 Fitzpatrick   Gale   Gard   Grieve   Grundy  Hafford

Rostered on for Canteen report to the canteen window from 9am for your hour to be allocated

 Hannaford   Hunt   Hynes   James-McCloy   Jordan   Kearns


State Relays  



If you have any qeuestions, please email bendigo@lavic.com.au of call Steve 0400871237

Please remember your Jetstar badges to be sewn above the LAVic logo.

Good Luck to everyone.




Please note IGA badges must be OFF uniforms and Jetstar badges SEWN on once received. Jetstar patches are a part of the uniform and MUST be worn. If you are wearing a competition singlet, the patch goes above the LAVic logo on the top right hand side. Click here for more information.



Assisting your Age group Manager to keep the morning moving

Age group Managers are parent volunteers who have a list of guidelines and result sheets in their folder to assist them in conducting events. Please feel free to assist your age group manager wherever you can.  A copy of the guidelines is on our notice board outside the office window. A couple of helpful points not listed on the notice but you should be aware of;

  • Under 6 and Under 7 do NOT compete in lanes in the 200s (to save time). Under 8 athletes need to be reminded to stay in their lanes.
  • High Jump heights move up in 5cm increments until only 6 athletes remain in the competition. 2cm increments are then an option
  • Athletes are entitled to 3 jumps/throws in jumping and throwing events. If your child requires guidance or is unfamiliar with rules or techniques, please ask a BLAC member for assistance prior to or after the event.

  • All athletes are expected to participate sensibly in events so as not to distract or impede other athletes



Accessing your Results

Your username is your registered email address and your password will be your IMG (LAVic registration membership database) USERNAME where you register on-line).

Here's a few other result updates:

  • Not all results go up at the one time. Be aware of this if you check the resultshq site during the morning as some of the results may obviously not have been entered and will be missing at such a time.

  • The stars that show up on the on-line results/tickets are showing pbs and are not Bendigo star levels.

  • Any feedback or query is appreciated and can be forwarded to Bendigo@lavic.com.au.



Punches In Bunches Sponsor - Raffle Winners

Winners of the Punches in Bunches vouchers were the Van Es Family and The Johnson Family.

Records Broken this season so far

Charlotte Sexton has broken the record she equalled several weeks ago - the U11 Girls High Jump record which has stood since the 1977-78 season, Charlotte jumped 7cm higher to surpass Pam Holden's record.

Luke Padgham also broke the boys Under 14 1500 metre record held by Evan Thomson since the 1998-99 season by just over 13 seconds in a cracking time of 4.31.16. 


NOTE: "Come & Try" registration may also be made on-line. Choose the "Come & Try" option. If you are not sure right up until the day you choose to visit,  a form is available here to complete, sign and bring along on the day. Please line-up in the "Come & Try" queue. After the second visit, full payment is required. 


Olympian and Australian record holder Kyle Vander-Kuyp give locals a few tips.

This week we were very fortunate to have multiple Olympian and Australian record holder Kyle Vander-Kuyp, dropped into the track just to give our Bendigo sprint hurdling squad a few tips and advice. These kids are so pumped and motivated by this great athlete.


Little Athletics is organised competition of Track and Field events for children age 5 through to 15 of all levels of ability. The emphasis is on participation, fun and personal improvement. Events include sprinting, hurdling, jumping and throwing events as well as some technical instruction.

Where: Athletics Track, Retreat Road, Flora Hill

When: Saturdays and some Friday nights October to March. Click here for 2014-15 Calendar. 

Come & Try: Available twice only for the season at $5.00 per visit. Register on-line prior to the day for quicker processing.

Full Registration: Must be made on-line at www.lavic.com.au 

Parent Roster: Every family will be rostered on once for the season. If you are unable to assist on your day, please let us know.

For FAQ or registration enquiries email registrarblac@hotmail.com or email bendigo@lavic.com.au.

Athletes must have paid the registration fee, received a registration number and also provide proof of their date of birth if competing in Little Athletics for the first time.

NOTE: On-line registration enables accurate medical information to be updated as well as regular contact information.


Age Calculator

If you are wondering what age group will be in prior to registering, click HERE to access the Little Athletics age group calculator.

The starting age for Little Athletics in Victoria is 5 years of age. Children must have turned 5 before registering.

The Bendigo Little Athletics Centre is 100% volunteer operated by parents, previous members and some senior athletes and is funded by our membership and sponsorship by generous Bendigo businesses and organisations. We operate under the auspices of Little Athletics Victoria and as such we are required to comply with all LAVic direction  and guidelines including age groupings, refund policies etc.

Bendigo competition is conducted at the Bendigo Athletics Track (LUBAC), Retreat Road, Spring Gully on Saturday mornings from 8.30am and some Friday nights from 5pm. The season is organised so that all events are covered over a three week program. i.e. the first week is Day 1 program, second week is Day 2, third week is Day 3 and then the fourth week of competition is back to A Day 1 program.

The on-line registration form

  • All sections of the registration form (on-line registration) must be completed accurately including medical details & current email address. 

  • A registration fee must be paid for registration to be valid 

  • A new registration requires sighting of  proof of age i.e. birth certificate or passport 



This season stars will be handed out from the window later in the season, rather than being in the age group managers' folder.  If you have any questions regarding stars email bendigo@lavic.com.au and your request will be on-forwarded.

Age Group Managers

If you have been an age group manager previously, we would appreciate your assistance at the start of the new season helping with additional or new age group managers.  This is a very important job - recording information, overseeing events, sometims assisting with technique and generally managing the running of events. We look forward to welcoming ack our experienced age group managers this coming season.

Refund of Registration Fee

A reminder that the Little Athletics Victoria policy is no refund on registration fees unless there are mitigating circumstances and application is made to Little Athletics Victoria in writing.

Feedback and Queries

If you have any questions regarding the current season or suggestion to make for the coming season, you are invited to put them forward to the committee either personally by attending our monthly meetings or via email or post. Please date any correspondence and include your name. Any correspondence will be tabled and attended to at the next meeting.

Please note our main form of contact is via email.   If you are registered and not receiving weekly/fortnightly emails or have a secondary email address for your child, please email registrarblac@hotmail.com   with your child's name and the secondary email address.  If you are not receiving emails, we may have an incorrect address for you.